Quit Rs 24 Lakh Stable Job For Farming, Now Does A Turnover of Rs 2 Crore

This is a fact that no amount of money can ensure job satisfaction or guarantee you peace of mind and happiness. While it has become a trend for the highly-paid professionals to quit their job and launch a start-up with their friends, there is a man from Chhattisgarh who traded his boring corporate job with a life of a farmer.

One would think it wasn’t a lucrative choice but his innovative strategies are bringing him a turnover of Rs 2 crore against his previous annual salary of Rs 24 lakh. Meet Sachin Kale from Bilaspur, Chhattisgarh who gave away a tiring city life and followed his heart.

Armed with a many degrees like Bachelors of mechanical engineering, MBA in finance, LLB, and PhD in Economy and Engineering, Sachin was living a life of luxury in the capital of the country. His first job took him to Nagpur in 2003 after which he switched to a company in Pune. In 2005, he cleared an examination and joined the coveted NTPC, Sipat. However, after three years he again went back to Pune when he was offered a package of Rs 12 lakh.

All this while whenever he came back to see his parents, his grandfather would tell him that there is no value one can get out of a 9 to 6 job. “We are not born only to earn a living. It is important that you create some value for the society,” he often told Sachin. He valued every insight of his grandfather and started evaluating his own life.

After three years, a company called him to Delhi in 2008 offering an annual salary of Rs 24 lakh. Life finally looked settled and he could afford a great house, a glimmering car and everything that one needs for a comfortable living. But as the years passed by, the city life started becoming dreary and depressing for him. Again and again he was reminded of what his grandfather told him.

Finally in 2014, Sachin took a major step, quit his job and returned home. This, obviously, stunned his parents, his father the most. He advised his son to join the family business but Sachin had already made his mind. He told him that he wants to take up farming in his native village of Medhpar. His plans took his father by surprise invoking a spontaneous dismissal but he let his son take the final call.

Sachin took on farming full-fledgedly; from plying tractor on his fields to selecting the crops. He knew he wanted to pursue this for life so he consulted the experts and spent hours researching on his own. He also wanted to introduce something of his own therefore he launched a company by the name Innovative Agrilife Solutions Pvt Ltd. His company arranges funds for farmers, keeps a tab of their expenses and also gets a share in their earnings.

This was a novel model which farmers tried out and saw their earnings go up season after season. Sachin began getting flooded with requests and within just two years his company touched a turnover of Rs 2 crore and benefited more than 70 farmers in the area.

Besides the traditional crops of paddy and pulses, Sachin also cultivates seasonal and leafy vegetables and organic produce. His success has earned him a lot of respect from farmers around the area who come to seek his advice and benefit from his experience.

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