How These College Students Went From Zero Funding To $6.7 Million Turnover

We live in the era of cut-throat competition. There are thousands of people queuing up for one job opening. The state has become murkier with the advent of artificial intelligence which is trimming manpower.

Not only does it cut short manual efforts but also initiates firing employees because of sharper techniques available. This lead to the birth of The Testament, which is a technical training center to sharpen the skills of batches, under the guidance of Nishant Mittal, its co-founder.

Passing from a tier-two college, it is a preconceived notion that a student can’t do much about his life. All that is available to the graduate is a nine-to-five job. However, it was not the case with Nishant. He had a business idea in mind with two fellow college mates, Avneesh Khanna and Kumar Sambhav. The earlier stage of their business was merry go round.

The college promised to seed fund their idea in 2012 and the team got coverage in national daily. The dream-breaker came when the college decided to back out. This had a huge impact on the idea of starting the business and the team started having second thoughts to join a secure job. But, deep down they knew their seedling could grow into a full-fledged business so they went on with their plan without any funding or backup from their parents. It was the birth of The Testament.

The Testament grew without any external influence. It was the sole hard work and determination of its founders. The main initiative of The Testament was to generate jobs for people and remove unemployment. People losing their jobs had become an iterative process that could hardly be contained. There was the need of a program that was more flexible and allowed its employees to adapt to a rewarding position and save their jobs.

The Testament trained people to be smarter in their techniques and be in touch of their skills through regular brush up. In order to keep the trainees information fresh they follow a software viz Engame. It’s a software that quizzes the trainees on regular interval about what they have learnt. This keeps the lot ready to work for any technical company on freelancing or contractual basis with polished skills. They realized this could cut down unemployment marginally.

The rate of unemployment is increasing at a steep rate, thus making the economy deter. India has the GDP which is one tenth of US, one-eighth of China thus giving birth to more unemployment which is ten times that of US. Keeping this in mind, The Testament provides world-class training to its trainees and makes sure they are polished to face interviews and be the best level performers.

The visionaries of this zero value start-up have aimed for the business to grow in next coming years both in terms of revenue and trainees. By now, The Testament has already trained over 1,000 people in 40 cities, which they plan to grow by one million in coming five years.

The zero-funded organisation has already produced revenue $1.2 million last fiscal year which has grown to $6.7 million this fiscal year with offices in Mumbai and Delhi. The organisation serves – Ford, General Motors, Maruti Suzuki, UBM, Messe, and thriving startups like Uber, Quikr, Tripda, UrbanClap, Swajal, and GMAS.

Their deep commitment towards work can be seen by the albedo of their confidence and growth they have achieved in short time span.

Nishant says, “It is a myth that a business cannot grow if it is not funded. A business can grow solely on a good model and can generate fund of its own.”

Talking about his achievement he says that not only students of top notch colleges can achieve it all. A good business model followed by proper guidance can also make it through and build a great business which can employee many under them. It is not about how friendly you are with the investors but what matter is how much skilled you are. The rest of it makes path on its own.

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